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Episode 29 of the podcast is up for your listening pleasure. You can download it here

Matt and Christina welcome Jenny Owen Youngs to the podcast. Jenny discusses a wide variety of topics including Kickstarter, conversations with children, and her love of science and nature related topics (which takes a sad turn because Christina begins talking about sad documentaries).

As usual, Christina makes fun of Matt for his love of (among others) musicals, Brendan Kelly and Laura Stevenson and Christina and Jenny talk about how they met and a show where Christina’s boyfriend filled in on drums in Los Angeles for one of Jenny’s sets…with hilarious consequences!

Episode 28 is live! Click here to listen 

Almie Rose (, stops by for another segment of “Life is a F***ing Nightmare” answering relationship questions sent in by you, the listeners!

She also brings along Bruce Brian Billings. He’s the guy standing in the background. He’s creepy. That’s all I can really say about him.

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